Your Feeling Colours session

How do I find out my true colours? Your Feeling Colours session with Aradhana

How do I find out my true colours?

Join me for your Feeling Colours journey to discover your true colours.

I will guide you on a journey to discover the colours that light you up in your truth, in your power, in your radiant beauty. You will feel it from inside, and you will see it on your face.

You will have an experience of different colours as I place coloured fabrics on your person and guide you through a journey of discovery and illumination to find your true colours.

Your session is held in person as a 1-to-1. I hold a safe and gentle space for your journey.

Every session is unique. Your Feeling Colours experience is personal to you. Some people access a lot of feelings, while for others it is a more subtle experience. Some people receive healing from certain colours, for others the illumination is more internal. All you need is to arrive with an open mind and I will guide you through the process.

“This 4 hour journey spent with Feeling Colours consultant Alison is one of the best things I have done in my life. This is a journey of self knowing which is immediately translated into tools for life. I know how to present and ‘be’ as my whole and true self. I feel clearer and stronger, more beautiful and authentic. It is also such fun! I highly recommend this”
~ Sally

A once-in-a-lifetime experience

You have probably never experienced anything life this before.

Indeed, your Feeling Colours session is a one-off.

You only need to come once in your lifetime. Once you discover your colour type, this will not change. During the session, you will feel which colours resonate and support your system, and this remains true for your whole life.

“I would definitely recommend this session to anyone who is looking to live a bit more authentically and add a bit more energy to their lives!”
~ Nicola

How does the session flow?

Your session lasts around 4 hours. There will be breaks during the session and refreshments will be served.

The session includes a Colour Pass with fabric swatches of your colour type, for you to take home. This is an invaluable tool that will support your clothes shopping forever.

Your investment is £295 which includes refreshments, your Colour Pass and an information booklet on wearing your True Colours.

“Feeling into and having the courage to step into my colours now means that, rather than this protective layer or what I am wearing, I am being seen, loved and valued for who I am”
~ Sian

Where can I do this?

Sessions are held at my home on the London – Surrey border.

I am also available for sessions when I travel in the UK and abroad.

For the time being, I am the only Feeling Colours guide in the UK. You can check on the founder Rita Münsterkötter’s site it there is a Feeling Colours guide in your country.

How do I book?

Visit the Bookings page to purchase your session or pay a deposit.

Then I will be in touch with you to book your appointment.

Any questions?

Please contact me by phone or email. I would be delighted to have a chat to answer your questions.