What is Feeling Colours?

Have you heard of ‘having your colours done’?

It’s a styling process to discover which colours suit you, so you can feel confident when you go shopping for clothes and choose your outfits.

Feeling Colours is this and more!

Feeling Colours offers a new dimension to this illuminating process. You have a felt experience of how colours affect you.

In this way, you discover your true colours from the inside as well as the outside.

You discover which colours resonate with your soul and your nervous system – so you are cocooned by the colours of your clothing. You discover the colours that are your allies. You might also discover a ‘super power colour’ that supports you in a particular activity or mode of being.

When you know your Feeling Colours type, you feel confident that you not only look good but also feel good from the inside. And this feeling radiates from your face and body like you have a Ready Brek glow.

If you are in a position where you influence people – perhaps you are a parent, a teacher, a therapist, a manager, a speaker, a leader – then the unspoken messages you convey from your being are particularly important. When you wear your true colours you will be more magnetic. People will feel more at ease around you and this will enable your message to touch them in a deeper way.

Where did Feeling Colours originate?

The modality of Feeling Colours was created by Rita Münsterkötter in 1989. For nearly 30 years, Rita has been guiding people to discover their true colours and she has given thousands of sessions. Rita also gives spiritual coaching and trains new Feeling Colours guides.