The Colour types

The colour types are named after the seasons and take their inspiration from nature. When you wear your true colours, you too will blossom.


The Autumn colours are rich and deep and warm. Picture a beautiful Autumn day with the reds, golds and orange and feel the sun on your face… or take a walk in the woods and drink in the browns and greens of the leaves, ferns and moss.


The Winter colours are rich, regal and cool. Imagine the rich jewel tones of deep amethyst, sapphire, emerald…. crisp winter velvet nights with a luminescent moon and diamond stars.


The Spring colours are soft and warm and lively. Think peaches and cream with honey and a spritz of lime… or tropical island waters.


The Summer colours are fresh and clear with cool tones. Think of ice cream and sorbet… picture Love-in-a-mist summer blooms in their delicate pinks, whites and blues.