About Alison

Aradhana Kaur, Feeling Colours guide London UK

A life lived in colour

I have always loved colour. As a child I painted a rainbow on my bedroom wall. I loved to draw, paint and make patchwork and handicrafts, working directly with colours in my hands. I also loved to cook, and today I weave flavours as well as colours together to create beautiful and delicious dishes. Later on, I have relished creating interior design schemes in various homes. And I still do patchwork.

As a teenager, I heard about ‘having your colours done’ and had a traditional colour session in which I was told I was a Winter. So for over 30 years I wore Winter colours – the strong blue-toned shades.

Hearing the call of Feeling Colours

In 2017 I heard about Feeling Colours from my friend Nadine Ruiter in the Netherlands, and I was immediately drawn. I had to wait 6 months before I could have my session.

The following year while I was on holiday in Corfu, Nadine held a session for me.

Lo and behold, when I FELT the influence of the colours on my system, I discovered that I am a Summer type! Seeing myself in the mirror in the light Summer tones, I wept, as if seeing my beauty for the first time.

I knew at once that I wanted to be a Feeling Colours guide. In perfect synchronicity, I came face to face with Rita Münsterkötter – who created Feeling Colours in October 1991 – the very next day. In November 2018 I went to Berlin for an intensive training with Rita (FarbenFuehlen.de).

“As a guide, Alison is fantastic. She holds a beautiful and safe space where anyone or anything is welcome. She is gentle but strong, and able to bring out the divine in anyone!”

How Feeling Colours has changed my life

Wearing the soft tones of Summer allows me to access a softer, more feminine side of myself. Gone is the striving to be seen, the pushing that was there for me when I wore Winter. Instead I simply am. Sure there are still waves, but grace and beauty flow more readily and life is more straightforward in my true colours.

At your service

I am at your service as your Feeling Colours guide.

Please contact me to book your session or to get answers to your questions.